Friday, February 27, 2009

The current thoughts in my mind...

I am dreaming of a White Christmas! I am still dreaming...

It's only the last day of February but I feel like I've been working for a long time since the last long break. There are so many things I want to do, but I've got limited time and money.

I wish I could travel the world. I want to visit Egypt. I want to see the pyramid, ride on a camel... I want to go to Japan for a big shopping spree. I miss the onsen. I want to return to America-factory outlets, Disneyland, Grand Canyon and many other places that I want to revisit. I want to go to Australia to visit my relatives and frolic at the beach. I want to go scuba diving at the Maldives before it disappears.

I want to have the whole day to read leisurely and do some scrap booking. There's just too many things I want to do! I have to return to reality. It's back to work. I've got tons to complete on my 'to-do' list. It never seems to be coming to an end.

5G and 5I, what are the things that you have been dreaming of? Do you wish you can have the opportunity to do many other things like me?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Despite reminders, some of you are still posting comments which are rude and negative. If you do not want your privileges to be removed, be conscious with your words.

Take note:
1. Do not taunt your friends with silly and negative words.
2. Do not insert 'funny/cheeky' quotes in your blogs. If you did, remove them!
3. Use complete sentences. No 'Internet language'.
4. Share interesting experiences but not Gossips.

*Delete all 'illegal' features in your blogs now!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

P5 Camp

I was rather amazed to see most of you, still, jumping around and talking, even though you had been out under the sun the whole day. The teachers were almost dead. It must be our 'AGE'! This P5 camp reminded me of my past camps when I was in school. I went through almost all that you did plus a few more, such as the flying fox. It was my favourite activity.

Some of you complained about the food and you managed to 'force' yourself to eat them. Some complained about the lack of comfort since there was no air-conditioners and mattresses, but you managed to survive the three days with minimal complaints. I must say, I am really proud of you!

The campfire was a blast! I enjoyed seeing the various groups cheering, dancing and rapping, working together as one, though the time allocated for the preparation was very short.

All of you had done well and I am sure you had lots of fun too.

Please share interesting experiences at the camp. Do not mention names of those who are involved.