Monday, March 23, 2009

24th March 2009

Hi all,

I have been thinking what to post on this blog for weeks. There are many thoughts going on in my mind. But, I do not know what to say on this blog.

The one week holiday passes so so so fast. (Well, good times never last! Right?) I had to work almost everyday, planning, marking, reading ... Fortunately, I managed to have three days of break. I flew off to Bangkok after the Swimming Carnival. I had a great trip. It was meant to be a 'rest and relax' getaway, however, I was so anxious throughout. Due to the limited number of days, I was trying to ensure that I visited all the 'must-go' places mentioned in the travel forums and books. I was rushing from places to places and in the end, I merely see and go. I didn't spend enough time at each venue. This trip reminded me of what my pastor said, "Singaporeans are born Russians. They rush from place to place, day to day, constantly chasing after things, desires, goals, results and so on". A holiday is meant to rejuvenate a tired mind and body and I ended up feeling more tired.

What have you been doing during the holidays? (Don't mention the endless homework and/or projects)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

That was the problem ... I didn't know

"Are you ...after the jewels in Dad's shop? Is that the d-delivery you were talking about?" I asked.

Quill took some thin plastic rope out of his jacket pocket before nodding. My heart sank to my toe nails at the sight of it. Dad used the same kind for wrapping parcels at home. It was thin but very strong, almost unbreakable.

"Once we get the jewels, we'll let you go. I promised," said Quil.

"And if Dad doesn't hand them over?"

"He wants you back, doesn't he?"

And the question turned my blood cold, because that was the problem. I didn't know. Dad loved his shop and his jewels. Dad always retreated to his shop when the quarrels between him and mum became too bitter. Many times I'd watched him dust the displays of gold and silver necklaces, lovingly polish the gold rings, dust off the expensive gem stones. It had actually made me feel jealous. Then I felt foolish and incredibly angry for being jealous of bits of metal and fancy glass.

Extract from the book Hostage
By Malorie Blackman
Call number: J English BLA

Can you love an object more than your family?