Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Personal Grooming Checklist


All of you are growing up. These should come in useful soon.

Be a well-groomed lady/gentleman!

Personal Grooming Tips!

Ensure and check that

# hands and nails are clean and present an impeccable appearance.
# hair does not cover your eyes, falls neatly and framing your face, either tied up in a pony tail or chignon depending on occasion.
# make up that is neat and natural looking in the day, or with the eyes or lips enhanced for night (for ladies only)
# shoes are clean with appropriate heels.
# clothes are ironed with no stains, holes or fraying threads. Discard all faded clothing.
# lingerie should be invisible especially shoulder straps. (There's nothing funny here! This is only normal!)
# you have used some form of deodorant, perfume or mints if you need too (without emitting too strong a smell).

The power of the mind

(This is a silly post!)

I love durians! My grandparents (in-laws) own a durian plantation in Malaysia. I was given tons and tons of it during the June holidays. I kept eating non-stop. After a week, I put on 2 kg. I was worried that an overdose on durians would kill me somehow due to its super high fat and sugar content. To prevent myself from feeling guilty from all the eating, I kept telling myself that "Durians are smelly and disgusting". It works!!!I stop eating 2 days later. Wow...this is the power of the mind! Maybe, we should all tell ourselves the positive things in life daily.

  • I am unique and special. Why do I have to envy or feel inferior?
  • I can do it if I try!
  • I have a great future if I believe in it.
  • ...

For 5 Initiative only

Dear 5I, please complete the survey via the Urls given below.

Survey site for pupils

Survey site for parents

Thank you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NE Show 2009

I had a wonderful time at the NE show. I am always excited when I get to watch the NDP life! My favourite segment of the show is-seeing the parachutes land right before my very eyes. It's so up, close and personal.

The rain was bad. It's so sudden and all of us were drenched!