Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Student's Prayer

Hey everyone,

I read this poem from an inspirational website today.

A Prayer Before Exams
Loving Father,
Source of all wisdom,
help me to use my time and my intelligence wisely
as I prepare for my exams.

Help me to dispose myself
to listen to Your Holy Spirit,
so that You, as my Loving Father,
may place me in a state of prayer
and lead me to understand
that the supreme wisdom
is knowing I am Your child.

Help me to remain serene
so that my work may truly reflect
this profound truth.

Mary, Mother of my spiritual life,
guide me in the ways of your Son,
so that my work may help
to transform this world for His glory.


(Adapted from a prayer card distributed by
the Newman Catholic Centerat Baruch College, New York City)


  1. Nice prayer Mrs tay. Everyone please follow my blog.

  2. Does it work?? I will try it anyway. I will believe in anything concerning good results in exams!!!

  3. Mrs Tay, are we suppose to write a prayer too???

  4. Mrs Tay, are we supposed to memorise that long thing(not an insult) and say it before every examination takes place or before we start studying??

  5. Are you sure this thing would work?? I'm a freethinker and I seriously don't believe in this kind of rubbish. What are we supposed to post about ANYWAY??

  6. Nice prayer Mrs Tay but what are we supposed to post?

  7. i don't think there is anythin to post during exam period felicia:)

  8. cant any of you believe in something for once. its not just about exams .nice prayer ms tay