Sunday, July 26, 2009

The power of the mind

(This is a silly post!)

I love durians! My grandparents (in-laws) own a durian plantation in Malaysia. I was given tons and tons of it during the June holidays. I kept eating non-stop. After a week, I put on 2 kg. I was worried that an overdose on durians would kill me somehow due to its super high fat and sugar content. To prevent myself from feeling guilty from all the eating, I kept telling myself that "Durians are smelly and disgusting". It works!!!I stop eating 2 days later. Wow...this is the power of the mind! Maybe, we should all tell ourselves the positive things in life daily.

  • I am unique and special. Why do I have to envy or feel inferior?
  • I can do it if I try!
  • I have a great future if I believe in it.
  • ...


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  2. Sorry... Anyway, I did not know that this will work...

  3. umm... are we supposed to post anything?

  4. why are girls always so worried about their weight??
    its only 2 kg. thats not too much.okay maybe its too much to be in a week but how can you gain 2 kg in a week by just eating durians

    (durians are nice if maybe you just wat a fruit or two but if you eat tons of durians wont it taste really bitter? How can you handle so much bitterness??)

  5. ........................................

  6. unfortunately, I don't like to eat durians

  7. i really don't understand wat is wrong with just putting on some 2kg...

  8. I absolutely HATE durians!!!