Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NE Show 2009

I had a wonderful time at the NE show. I am always excited when I get to watch the NDP life! My favourite segment of the show is-seeing the parachutes land right before my very eyes. It's so up, close and personal.

The rain was bad. It's so sudden and all of us were drenched!


  1. The thing that gave me very good memories was the heavy downpour... That was bad... I hated the downpour but the NE Show was an expierience... My first time expieriencing the downpour...

  2. was it really fun???i really regret not going to watch the NE show...

  3. Sofia looks so funny in the picture! Hahaha!

  4. It was great!realy great!
    unlike others Joshua and I loved
    the rain!It was the best thing in the
    NE show.Jshua and I threw our ponchos
    onto the floor and got wet!!!!!!
    It was soooooo fun!!!!!!

  5. What!!!!!!As much I loved the rain,I must admit ,Arvin,You are crazy.

  6. Mrs Tay, how come there's a big gap between two paragraphs? And how come there are gaps between the pictures?